We were created out of a home kitchen in South West London on a mission to bring Greek treats with delicious, modern twists to the masses.

Hi, I’m Lucy and I’m the founder of Greedy Greco!

 Growing up eating traditional sweets and desserts on my home Greek island of Spetses, I know first hand how these mouthfuls of happiness are code for something else.

Greeks rarely eat alone, especially not sweets.

 In fact, dessert-eating often escalates into an elaborate affair involving family, friends, neighbours and friends of neighbours. There’s plenty of coffee and buckets of chatting, embracing, reminiscing, shouting (i.e. talking loudly), arm waving and laughing.

I launched Greedy Greco in 2019 on a mission to bring a slice of that vibe to London.

Living in the UK for over 14 years, what has always struck me is the antisocial way of eating. On the go, speedy lunches I kinda get when we’re busy but what about the rest of the time? Speechless, tv dinners are no fun 🙁

My aim for Greedy Greco has been a no brainer from the minute I stepped foot into the kitchen- to bring people together. To give them a reason to be present with others and to reconnect with themselves.

There is nothing quite like watching the expression on people’s faces when they see our trays of the most beautifully arranged, buttery, crunchy baklava. Their faces light up and their hands get clammy with excitement. As for that first bite… Contagious. Before I know it, the feeding frenzy begins, with the same people physically nudging others to try it. And that is what Greedy Greco is about.

Combining traditional techniques with only the best of seasonal ingredients, we bake sweet treats inspired by my roots and the Greek classics I grew up with but with delicious, modern twists. 

Our little mouthfuls of happiness come in all kinds of exciting flavours (think pistachio & dark chocolate, mascarpone & fig, Madagascan vanilla…) and are perfect for sharing.

I have poured everything I know and love about the power of food into creating something that is truly special. I can only hope you love it as much as I do!

Lucy xo